IOS 7 is here!

iOS 7 is here and its a good news for switch users. External switches can be attached to the iPad and settings are built into the operating system. They are comprehensive settings covering aspects such as switch held delay and scanning . As for the rest of the update it may not be so good for those with dyslexia and visual impairments. The navigation icons on safari  are line drawn symbols (good) but they are small. Also, this clean look apple wanted would not help dyslexic users a grea deal as they need coloured backgrounds. invertiing the ipad background gives unwanted negative images so i think my present impression is one of “could have done better” for those with special needs of dyslexia and visual impairments.  I am currently upgraded an ipad mini which has Siri on it to see what improvements apple have made there.

By the way be careful if you play with the switch settings and you don’t have a switch!   I found I’d completely locked my ipad! Only by switching completely off could i reset the ipad.



Here is the writing layout in notes which although may be difficult for dyslexic users -lets try it out and then decide – but actually looks and works more functionally

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