Post Promise ” Each week a new post will be posted to the blog.”

Yes, that’s right I generally post more than once a week but keep your eye on this blog and receive some quality information I am sure you will find useful! Why not share me now on a variety of social media tools.

The tool I am spotlighting is a free video conferencing tool which allows you to connect with your audience. Webairs are cheap and cost – effective tools for the internet age and can be easily arranged using:-

You can share powerpoint presentations, youtube clips and have people watch your face ( maybe not such a big sell that last one!). The main thing is this enables distance learning and communication remotely with colleagues, contacts and friends to share ideas and to collaborate using this method. Dates have to be pre-arranged and people invited. Although there are excellent subscription based tools this does most of it except record your meeting for free! You can, of course, pay an annual subscription for such a facility but that can be costly for individuals to use. Anyway, have something to say? Want to share it widely, visually and cheaply? This is the tool for you!

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