Dark Themes and their effectiveness for Visual Impairment

Up to now I have not taken much attention to Dark Themes for my devices. I first encountered them on Android devices where you can turn the whole device from a white background to black fonts to black backgrounds with white fonts over the whole system.

Microsoft have introduced this to Microsoft 365 . To turn your device PC or other devices into a dark theme for Microsoft Office 365 go to Options and select Dark under themes. This doesn’t turn the whole PC into a dark theme but will do this for any Microsoft product. And it does it across all the apps instantly. If you don’t like the effect then you can switch it off easily enough by reversing the process.

Effect on Visual Impairment

Quite by chance whilst working with visual impaired clients I found that adding this feature reduced headaches and made the text clearer to navigate than the traditional white background . If this is the case its worth trying with your visually impaired clients yourself.

What’s the cost?

Nothing. It’s part of your Microsoft 365 package. It might be worth trying for other types of need such as Dyslexia. Does it help with their need? Let me know on this blog post.

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