Google Keep

Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 06.19.47

Google keep has been around a long time. For those with organisational needs it is brilliant in lots of ways. Colour helps to differentiate the subjects but you can also add labels and make that a way to organise your page. You can have to do lists with check boxes and you can draw. Brilliant  for students who want to collaborate together it would via Google Suite so would interface with Google Docs as well. You can archive when the current work is complete. I confess I am not good at doing this!

Finally, it is free and on all platforms through Google Chrome. Which means I can access it anywhere with the webaddress:-

One thought on “Google Keep

  1. Dear Myles,

    Many thanks for taking your time to inform your readers about this new Google Keep option! If you had not written about it, I would not have learned about this new tool to help us get and stay organized in such a supportive way.

    As always, thanks for ALL you do each day to help the many challenged readers and learners everywhere!


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