Day 2 – A11y Accessibility Camp, North Idaho

On the second day, we continued the work that had begun on the first day. More accessible format skill sessions, but also some unusual ones such as a surfer! I did a session on “We can make a difference – how to change lives one person at a time.” This was the passion thread for the conference and I wanted to show that individuals can make a difference. It seemed to go well by all accounts. The day finished with a panel session where all of us speakers were grilled for our opinions on things such as what was our biggest assistive technology achievement.

The conference was a success and I have been invited back for next year. Its a shame it is so far away fore me. It will take place on the 2nd & 3rd of August 2023. Make a note in your diary and if you are stateside consider making a visit I am sure you will not be disappointed if only for the lakeside position of the college!

And the beautiful scenery

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