DAY 1 – A11y Accessibility Camp

All set to go and it’s looking good! All of the speakers are here and Jeremy has put on a great programme for the delegates. We have our badges and look forward to some exciting presentations ( not mine!). I will try and report as we go.

Dan Prado is an inspirational speaker and he inspired us to “think better than we are”. I also attended a seminar on Adobe InDesign looking at how Accessiblity can be done to PDF’s using this subscription based product. It comes at a cost but worth it if you are a university , college or company looking to make your information accessible to the blind.

My session on “Making Accessibility Work” went well with contributions from the audience and a wide range of material discussed.

Dax and Chad run a Podcast worth subscribing to called “CHAX Chat Podcast – Accessibility Unraveled ” You can also search A11Y with Dax Castro and Chad Chelius . Here is the link enjoy! Finally,do pay a visit to my Podcast “The Smyles Podcast” and learn about the trip to Lebanon for the ABLE conference I did early this year you will find it on my website Accessibility Solutions

Finally, Maha Zouwayhed who gave a passionate talk on “Lebanon, the happiest depressed people in the world” Explaining what they have all been through and how dancing and a positive attitude can help you win through.

Finally, we all ending up at this beautiful spot for a network meal. What a way to end the day! You should come to this event if you interested in Accessibility and you live in the states.

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