Using Voice Control with Microsoft Word

I had a request to help with a client who is blind to be able to write into Word using speech input and then have it read back to her. Voice Over does not work because it clashes with Speech input.

This has been done via an iPad as the client needs a light tool to use as the client is bed bound.

I then looked at Voice Control which I have been impressed with and actually does work effectively as a dictation tool. Now, the problem was how do I get the text to read back. Read Aloud provided a workable solution which enables the user to use commands such as :-

“Go to the beginning “. “ Go to the end”

“ Press Play” will begin the text to speech.

The only thing that is needed is to keep Read Aloud open and ready to accept control by the Voice control tool. Here is what it looks like:-

Microsoft Word App with Read Aloud and Voice Control Cross

2 thoughts on “Using Voice Control with Microsoft Word

  1.  Hi Myles,

    Hope that you are well.

    Interested in this! But cannot find Read Aloud in the App Store, do you mean Voice Aloud Reader by any chance?

    Best wishes   Paul Bonsor


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