Adobe Digital Editions

I have a client with Irlen’s Syndrome and struggles to access her college course documents. Up until recently she could access them using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC but now due to changes with Digital Rights Management software she is having to use Adobe Digital Editions which has few accessibility features. It’s a matter I am taking up with Adobe and why their access is so poor on the Digital Edition product? Will keep you posted on developments.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Digital Editions

  1. Miles, Am wondering if the Reading Focus Cards desktop app for Macs and PCs will assist your client. Works right on top of pdf files, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint, webpages and more—both online and offline. Mac App: Windows PC App: For more info (w/ screenshots): Happy Reading!

    Joan M. Brennan Brennan Innovators, LLC Solutions for Struggling Readers “Creator of the Reading Focus Card” (Made in the USA) Phone: 314-892-3897 (office) Website: Blog: Help for Struggling Readers


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