Clicker Communicator – a new app from Crick Software

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Clicker Communicator £109.99 ( from the iTunes App Store)

Clicker Communicator is the latest Crick software app and one of the best ones! Although expensive its equal in cost to other similar communication apps .  It was developed with consultation with a wide range of consulting professionals in the field of speech and language. It supports Widigt and PCS with  SymbolStix as the default communication set.


You can purchase two additional vocabulary sets eg  widgit symbols and -mayerjohnson PCS Out of all the communication  tools this is one of the easiest for me to program I made a simple  grid within seconds. The fuctionality has been thought through from the user’s point of view. This makes it very  user friendly approach.There is a choice of 4 voices with  further voices to  download with bi-lingual voices to pay for . In-app purchasing is required for this app.

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You can make grids  of any size – so making simple 2X2 as well as more complex sets

Photo 06-06-2015 16 43 19

You can either call up sets to link to or make your own grids

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Or simply just upload a set covering a topic you are teaching. !

Programming a communication aid for a school topic takes time – Clicker Communicator makes this so quick and easy by comparison.

Clicker Communicator won’t be as powerful or as complete as other communication tools out there who support environmental control ,  but its value is in its simplicity and quickness. Having said that it has the capability to do some powerful things and have screens working with each other – called dynamic screening. Techniques such as copying the home screen to be on each page is the way its done.  This is something that in a busy mainstream classroom will be a great selling point. This is for non-verbal communicators to use alongside their writing tools. So you use your ipad to do your school work with and combine it with communication with your support staff and fellow pupils without having to switch to another device. It is easy to program for the non-technical. I like the way you can print out the grids – so in a sense it captures the students thoughts and ideas in spoken form. I also like the way it really supports teaching and learning through the excellent learning grids site.  Support staff are going to love using it – especially with the online grids. This is very much a tool would recommend for use in a busy , mainstream classroom to support the inclusion of a child with non-verbal communication. Well Done Crick!  Ace in the Hole!

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