ABLE Summit 2022

After two years of postponement due to COVID 19 I was able to travel to Beirut and take part in this important summit on Accessibility and Inclusion in the Lebanon.

Looking serious whilst my signer made sense of what I was saying !

I gave a 2 talks in the end:-

“ Smart Future for the Disabled”


“Making the Impossible, Possible”

These talks were decided last year and the position hadn’t change in the country then. I was impressed as all of us who were speaking were all saying the same thing . Things like:-

“On size solutions don’t work”

“It’s all about matching the technology to need”

“It’s about making an individual impact by working together as a team”

“Can we be 2% better than we were before?”

Both talks came and went and it must have gone well as there were people who came up to me to talk. Even students did that which I was pleased about. They even wanted selfies with me! Rock star status! No, I don’t think this septuagenarian can think that.

I did my best to encourage them to continue and make a difference. Explaining my own Make a difference story with my name on a high speed train!

2 thoughts on “ABLE Summit 2022

  1. Thank you for believing in ABLE and giving Lebanon a hand in raising this awareness and equipping those willing spirits with your experience!


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