You don’t see one for ages then 4 come along all at once! Conferences , not buses. I seem to be popular in the dyslexia community in the UK so if you want to catch up with me at any of these events both virtual and face to face do take a look and book yourself in. I have put links under each conference heading.

BDA – March 17th

“Building confidence in using Assistive Technology”

The aim of the session is to show simple, fast and cost effective apps that can help overcome barriers to writing, reading and learning. Building confidence in both the teacher and the pupil in using AT is essential for effective learning in the 21st Century.

By the end of the session you should have a wide understanding of what apps are available out there for all platforms (iOS, Chromebook, PC, Android) and all devices that can improve access to learning . There will be an emphasis on Google and Microsoft products and how they can be made more accessible for the school setting.

The Dyslexia Show – March 25th

Using assistive technology that makes a difference “

We will be looking at the tools that can help dyslexics overcome learning barriers and become more independent in their recording and access to learning. Using cloud based and bespoke apps to demonstrate how these important apps can improve outcomes. 

PATOSS – 23rd April

“Free assistive technology.”

Microsoft ,Google,

Apple , Android accessibility

There have been great changes to make everyday software that is more accessible. This session will cover both Google and Microsoft developments. We will look at the main tools that make these applications more accessible for all. Google Docs have features that allow voice input. Gmail can have speech input to make emails easier. Microsoft Word can be read to you and also use voice input to make writing more fluid. We shall also be looking at free extensions to browsers that make accessing text easier and more productive. The pros and cons will be discussed of free as opposed to specialist software. Both have their place and understanding how and when to use free or specialist programmes will be discussed. By the end of the session participants will have a clear idea what these products can do and how best to use them.

Westminster Higher Education Forum – London – 29th April

“The use of assistive technology in improving student outcomes”

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