Web page was not reading content in supernova

The screen reader Supernova is a great tool for the blind and enables the operations of the computer to be navigable by the use of key combinations that are simple and straightforward to use. A client of mine had a strange issue which we puzzled with for an hour in that he couldn’t get the content of pages to read back to him as before.

After logically working through the relevant top menu of SuperNova and trying various things it was the Speech menu that gave the answer. Under Speech> Advanced Options there was an unselected box ” Dolphin cursor to speak automatically.” When this was ticked all the page content came to life and read back line by line.

If this happens to a SuperNova user this is the fix to use.

How this occurred is a mystery . We actually reloaded SuperNova to see if that would correct the issue but it didn’t. We think a shortcut key press may have done this but we don’t know. The user was having problems with other software at the time so it’s difficult to say what happened without going into Event Viewer but I don’t think that show what happeend either!

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