1pmobile & changing your mobile phone provider

This morning I was helping a client to change over his mobile phone provider (1p mobile) which involves the following:-

  1. Creating a login with username and password and then validate it on your chosen email address
  2. Taking the account details provided by the new company and add more details to your profile
  3. Sending a request to keep the same telephone number. This is done via a PAC request code from your old user.
  4. Confirmation of request with a set day for transfer which usually involves a couple of hours downtime.
  5. On the day of transfer – SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE – take out old sim and replace with new SIM card your provider has sent you.
  6. Switch the phone on again
  7. Phone gets activated. Your new network is shown and you are able to make calls and surf the internet

As regards how good 1p mobile is it depends on the following

  1. How good is the network coverage?
  2. Is the data cost too much (1p per MB)

I will be monitoring an answer with my client to those questions via this blog. Watch this space.

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