Audio notetaking is a good way for dyslexci learners to recall a lesson and to go back through what they have learnt. It takes a great deal of self-discipline and awareness to do this. Some packages can be process heavy , but not Glean! Glean is based on simplicity of function and purpose.

The opening screen contains very few icons so it doesn’t visually put you off. The effort of recording is simplified with a one click solution once a title( which is saved automatically) is clicked . Then using pre-set headings you can add importance to what is said. You can also add your own notes. In essence that is it. But you can add slides later and also you can add note sin realtime though I found this difficult when trying to listen to the talk/seminar or lecture.

Who is this for? University or secondary aged pupils needing to take notes that can re-heard later on. Also, for researchers to collect evidence and collate findings to make reserach an easier task. I like thje way at the end it collates all your notes together into one file. Very useful. Watch this short video to see how this all works:-

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