Assistive Technology for free

Here is an ongoing list for those who might find this helpful:-

AbilityNet has a set of useful advice suitable for different conditions

Voice control for Chrome – extension from the chrome store

Chrome Store – lotts of extensions for Chrome

Google Keep – for remembering and storing information

Grammarly- online support for writing

Google Docs – on the tools menu voice typing is a good aide to writing

Microphone in gets overlooked as an access tool

Typing Assistant – word prediction tool

NDVA – screenreader –

Look also at Ease of Access (Windows 10)  – list of adjustments to make your computer more accessible. ( see powerpoint “Accessibility in Windows 10)

AppWriter Cloud – text to speech, word prediction, pdf reader and overlay writer

Dwell Clicker – not free £12 but for those who can’t click on a mouse. Download for free

ACE pointers for older systems eg Windows 7 does what ease of access does for windows 10

WordTalk – free text to speech for older microsoft word


Remember the Milk –

Mindmeister – free mindmapping software

ClaroSpeak – text to speech, word prediction  – free  download both android and iOS

Mozilla has some good assistive technology features such as  zoom which expands all the text and makes the browser more accessible. 

Opera Browser – has a clear interface and therefore easier to navigate 

Safari (on an  Ipad)  – there is a text screen on this which is great for studying and research students. 

Texthelp – have an add-on to google docs to aid studying  – show highlighting tools.

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