Google Analytics

I have long considered using Google Analytics but frankly became very confused on how to set it up until now. You have to go to Admin and :-

  • Create an account – which website you are analysing
  • Create a property – setup the ID and tracking code that has to be copied the page you are tracking on your website
  • Create a view – how much and what type of information you want to know.

Once you have done this you can then copy the code into your heading. This varies according to style of your chosen web building package eg Wix, WordPress,etc. You can create as many websites as you wish to track using the above method. The main point is to copy that tracking code onto your website.

There is a free Google Analytics app for you to observe the traffic to your website(s). Simple to see at a glance or create reports to view specific information. This is really a beginners approach I don’t claim to be an expert here.

There are stats built into WordPress which makes it very easy to see who and where your audience are looking at your website content

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