On tour!

At the time of writing I am sitting in a conservatory of a hotel I stopped for a latte at on my way to do some training for a PMLD pupil and his parents, carers and support professionals. After that I high tail myself to Birmingham Airport to catch a flight to Limerick where I am at the

1st International Disability Emancipatory Research on Personalisation Semantics for dyslexic users.
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Limerick, Ireland.

I feel somewhat out of my comfort zone there as general I demonstrate how the technology works to support pupils with dyslexia but I will give it a go and show how simple interfaces win the day for dyslexic users. Giving too many options would confuse the cognitively challenged pupil. Not having the options would frustrate the high flier dyslexic so the message is “horses for courses.” Maybe in summing up I could point to avenues which research should go. Expert systems that tailor the package to the pupil’s ability and functioning almost seemlessly if that was possible. I applaud the way mainstream software producers have put in accessibility at the outset which I believe helps everyone not just the severe dyslexic. So let’s see how it goes! I will write a piece on it as well here.

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