NTE Hub is now in Find My Flow

Exciting News – NTEhub is now in FindMyFlow

We are really excited to announce NTEhub has now been added to FindMyFlow. This exciting product  is the latest addition to the growing resources available within FindMyFlow, the unique eLearning resource that combines study skills and assistive technology.

We are always working to add great new features to FindMyFlow and the introduction of NTEhub is another.NTE Hub is a full-featured note taking suite backed by a talented human note taker service. Choose to take your own notes within the platform or send your audio files to a note taker to accelerate your note taking workflow. You’ll also have access to your notes across all your devices on our platform.
NTEhub and FindMyFlow would like to invite you to one of our joint webinarsto get an overview of NTEhub and see how it fits within the resources in FindMyFlow.
Please click the date below to join.

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