What do you use your SmartPhone for?

Most people’s use of a smartphone is often quoted as less the 20% of its capabilities. In schools we ban there use for all the right reasons and miss a potential tool to help SEN pupils. So my question is what do you use your mobile phone for? Here are my uses on a daily basis in order of use:-





Notice the phone is my last use. Not the first! With Notes I can copy and paste from the internet and make notes of all kinds using text, audio and images. But I do use apps as well. So just looking at what I usually use and this is my top 5 apps I use all the time and the reason why I use them:-

Google Maps – great at not only directions but times of journeys  which now with SIri gives me traffic updates

BMI tracker – tracks whether I have a healthy weight!

Dropbox – as I find this is the best tool to transfer photos and video when I need to pass them onto people

EasyJet – booked a flight in easy steps and even my boarding pass for an upcoming flight

Apple Wallet – recently used and new to me because I need to store my boarding passes for use at the airport

Reminder – I store useful information like – well important stuff I want to keep near me.
So what is your use then? Let me know I’d be interested 

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