AbilityNet Volunteer Day

Brilliant day as always for AbilityNet Volunteers. We helped those who are disabled with their tech and their access needs. This is freely given and a network of volunteers operate throughout the UK.

Friom Microsoft to Dolphin Systems , no isolation to smart speakers and then some free stuff. I will mention a few things:-


Seeing AI showed some real potential and use especially the text convertor. Really cool and useful too! I shall be recommending this app more widely now.

Inclusive communications and content

Office lens – nicely frame , ocr and put into immersive reader does the scan documment as well and can do OCR

Microsoft Translator – translates speech to text giving you caption display. Migth try this on a talk or seminar. Useul for the hearing impaired.

A few helpful websites:-




Willing to take on board requests. Invited to complain about Microsoft!!


This is impressive both for its help to children and for adults who need siimple commmunication tools. Something worth looking into, love the AV1 robot that puts the user in the middle of any environment.

Dolphin Systems

Noel Duffy

Increase in sight loss liable double from 2 million to 4 million

80% over 65

20% most interested in technology

Mixed technical ability

Older group might not be able to access technology

Easy Reader – smart phone app – free

Guide Connect – interface that masks the screen, tv remote friendly, connects to overdrive, bookshare, consistent approach. Free support up and running in one hour. Not free!

Googe Keep

Have often mention this app. It will do locations and reminders which has a use for carers of Alzheimers and dementia sufferers.

Free Sofftware

Metaclick – dwell click , to enable a physical disabled user.


AT bar for windows – text to speech , tint screen, works in any browser ( drawback copy and paste) reasonable speech engine.

Amazon Echo

My talkiing newspapers


“Open up my talking newspaper”

“Info sound “

“Info sound select”

Regional newspaper

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