nasen live 2018

My first time at nasen live and a worth work while conference to attend even though I am not a SENCO I do work with them from time to time. There were useful seminars and an exhibtion  of  education service providers.

I attended a few talks about how to make sen work and the role of the SENCO in the 21st Century. Making SEN Work provided details of how to implement change which I thought was both practical and useful. The 30 min session on the role of the SENCO in the 21st Century was just getting going when he had to end! Still I did get the chance to hear Dr Sean Bracken on “Quality First Teaching” which is a nebulous term and shouldn’t we all be doing quality first teaching anyway? But Sean was inspirational and engaging and enabled in his 30 mins to unpick it all. Great work Sean! He also spoke about Universal Design for Learning – the last post I sent! How spooky is that?

There were two companies there representing sound fields – frontrow & phonak. It was good to see speech and language companies there as well . Speechlink provide speech and language support through consultation and training.  Mable have a 1:1 online support programme for assessing and helping individual speech and language needs.

nisai   help pupils who for one reason or another struggle with being in schools – it could be mental health, bullying, all sorts of reasons, They provide an online tool that has been rated “Good with Outstanding Features,” by OFSTED.

It was good to see Crick Software and Scanningpens there also. Do check out there site for the latest updates in AT.  All in all a great conference and would recommend others to go in the future as you will learn a lot from it especially if you are a new SENCO. It’s cheaper to attend as a gold member as you get free entry and can take a friend as well! Nasen has online training for SENCO’s and Support Staff and publications to download which is useful.

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