Are there changes to Speech Dictation in Word and OneNote by Microsoft?

This is NOT true. It’s the ease of access speech recognition system that will get an upgrade to the quality of Cortana and that is not the same speech recognition system as Office 365 which is not affected.

There are rumours circulating that Microsoft are going to remove speech recognition from their system apart from Word. Can I say that this is a rumour  which I can now confirm is not true. Our colleagues in the Assistive Technology  in the Workplace arena are concerned that it may impede their work by its removal.

  • Is there a system update that will remove speech recognition from all but Word? Not true!!
  • Does this affect OneNote? No
  • What about the Learning Tools? Not affected
  • Is there going to be a replacement product? Not being replaced but improved!

Hector Minto was invited to comment and he has.

Hector has said the rumour is wrong about the removal of speech recognition . In fact there will be upgrade to improve the quality on the ease of access speech recognition system which is different to the Office 365 system. That is unaffected!!

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