BETT Show Report – 25.1.18

This must be at least my 12th BETT show . There have been a lot of changes over the years but this is the first time I have felt that there is less for SEN than ever before to see. Stalwarts in previous years like Crick Software and Widgit are not there. The other trend is that it is becoming more and more international teachers and less and less UK teachers which is fine for those companies with an international operation. Even the seminars tracked as SEN are thin on the ground. BETT is expensive for companies to attend now costing tens of thousands for a stand.

Despite the above and the lack of SEN focus I can talk about a few things I found useful to know. Educate  provide a research service for app makers to validate their Edtech product. ” We provide educators, researchers and technology developers with the best and most up-to-date research evidence and expertise , so they can design and manufacture EdTech products and services that will make a difference in schools.”

Scanninpens are an established company making a useful contribution for those with dyslexia to overcome difficulties with reading by providing a handheld scanner that can be used in examination settings. This saves money and pays for itself in terms on amanuensis readers. One comment I had on a degree level teaching training on dyslexia course was ” I wished I had one of these when I was taking my degree!”

Noble Doughnut is a digital magazine about Ideas, People and Wonder. It provides health and wellbeing tools such as relaxation techniques as Mindfulness. Their a few examples on the website but to access the whole site you need subscribe to the magazine. It is hoped it will challenge , encourage and inspire young people. It is very well designed and laid out that would be accessible for pupils with special needs.

Emoji-Go are a music learning scheme based on stickers and tactile velcro stickers. It provides a framework on how to remember cord sequences using visual means (stickers) and tactile feed back to imprint chords and musical patterns in a fun and story – like way. They are looking for schools to trial this product. If you are interested drop them a line at  

More tomorrow……

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