VR Online Homework 

My friend and colleague Dave Presky has sent this report after i suggested using a VR site called vr.gopro.com . Here is what he said:-

VR online homework:
Firstly we watched this 360 degree VR of some snowboarders, then the children wrote their recount.
The Fourth Phase With Travis Rice ⋅ 360° video ⋅ GoPro VR


Feel what it’s like to ride in a helicopter and snowboard with the star of “The Fourth Phase,” Travis Rice, as captured in this Omni VR experience.
‘Suddenly, my friend Jolie gave me a boost and I zoomed off down the slope. The breeze hit my face like a bullet as i dodged the hard rocks. Screaming, Lilac and Nancy tumbled down from behind as I thought, ‘game on!’

I picked up my speed and slid down as fast as a racing car! Annoyingly, Nancy came through the gap between the rock, however i didn’t give up and i back flipped off of the highest slope and landed as neat as a crisp white ironed shirt! I just managed to beat lilac and Nancy to it, but funnily enough Jolie had a fallen and came tumbling down like Jack and Jill!smiley’
We had been working on Similes, can you tell?
Emoji literacy:
These were the Emoji story openers that I used with Year 5, which they utterly loved. We had some great discussion around the perfect word choice to represent each icon.

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