Speech input to Chrome and iOS devices

This has been covered before but its good to share again as I still meet people who don’t they can do this. For instance every iPad from 3 and above ( as well as some later iPad 2 models) all have this feature, From the keyboard there is an microphone icon by the space bar. If you are online this will work but not if you are not. Using any app with text input such as notes or pages you can use your voice to write with text. Also, use Siri to make notes or send emails.

IMG_2844 Screenshot 2015-10-09 at 13.25.42

Google Chrome – the browser from Google has a microphone in the search window. Click on this and speak and Google will go and search out a result. If you are using Android devices you can access a google keyboard that will input text into apps like Office Polaris or Kingston or Writer. Finally Google Search makes your search simple to do now using your voice.

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