More from ATEC – AT for the Workplace

This is a follow on from last weeks post about ATEC. Here are some of the products seen at this great event for Assistive Technology in Oxford.

Brain in hand (– is an app that helps the user monitor their anxiety and stress levels . Its use is in the workplace  to help people overcome barriers to engaging in work and to target support and intervention where and when its needed most.

ember- is a star college initiative using an app to support people with learning difficulties in the work place. It makes use of location -based technology to deliver bespoke training to the user. Contact  for further details. They hope to launch this in the autumn this year

Digital Accessibility Centre(DAC) are a welsh based non for profit social enterprise project. The aim is to audit and accredit companies and organisations for their disability awareness and inclusion. User testing takes place by disabled users and the idea is to provide a transparent and robust testing service that aligns with WCAG2.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. For more information go to :- 

For a range of assistive technology go to . They have a useful catalogue and products that can help sensory and dyslexic users in the workplace. From text to speech to visual stress their is a plethora of products to choose from. In the same vein have a range of goods to help those with blindness or visually impairment. I like the RUBY handheld device whihc magnifies in crystal clear High Definition.

Finally, in this section – more to follow in future days – is Wyvern Training which now provides free assistive product training videos on their website portal. Go to  for more information.


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