Lima – a true cost-saving cloud device

Always on the look out for a great device that gives innovation. Lima seems such an idea for one-off cost (£70) you can have portability of all your files and folders across all your devices without the cost of a monthly fees.  The way it works it connects your files and you via your external drive and your modem – so its accessible whenever you need it. With powerful encryption that only you can know and access it is safe from hackers – especially if you use an unbreakable code of random letters and numbers. The question to ask is – do you need access to your data all the time – data being photographs, films, documents, etc? I am not sure yet I need that. I do use cloud based storage which I use to do applications with rather than use data all the time. I have a google drive and a dropbox so not sure I need this yet but the idea is based on you being able to access your data remotely – even when you computer is switched off! That maybe a reason. Anyway want to know more?


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