Working with Autism – AAS at your service!

“Working with people with autism you soon realise that unless you get their permission to work with them you will not move far in offering new skills. For some people this journey even to allowing them into their world takes a long, long time. That is why AAS have created this new approach using ICT.”

Extract from ” The Power of Permission.” Myles Pilling, Sept 2015

Interaction and Engagement

Through ICT

Need help with developing  wider relationships with your child or adult?

Does your child or adult have an interest in IT?

Is there a need for transferable life skills?


Then this service may be of use to you using ICT to create

a dialogue and bridge to relationships


Cost: £30 per 1.5 hr session

How does it work?

1:1 sessions in a comfortable setting for your child

Based around using IT i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets, ipads,etc

Interested? Contact :  Mobile:07760473943

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