Green Screen Creative Media

AAS are offering training in the use of Green Screen Creative Media to schools and settings who want to develop their use of this exciting creative media.

Introduce your pupils and students to making information multimedia whilst learning how to work together as a team, communicate through speaking to camera, acting out historical events or developing your interviewing techniques.

AAS can come into your school or setting with all the necessary kit and do a session with either classes or individual teachers to teach them what they will need and how to create lesson plans to support your current practise. Raise achievement levels as pupils write a storyboard and script and learn how to speak to camera. Increase teamwork skills by working out the roles to produce a media work. Finally, have a product that can be used in assemblies, used on your school website, or for personal portfolio.

AAS use an iPad with sufficient memory to record and retain information which can be shared through online cloud storage. Information on apps to use and equipment you will need as well as  methods to employ are part of the training

1.5 hr session £150

3 hr sessions £250

Full day £500

For further details contact us – email: mobile : 07760473943


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