Reaching 12,000 hits & 850 people have subscribed!

This site has been going for 3 years now and so has accumulated a following. We are soon going to reach 12,000 hits with 850 people subscribed to receive info as it is posted directly. This is all without advertising or paying for adverts. I did invest in advertising which was a mistake as absolutely nothing came of it! Therefore, I steered away from advertising and consider each request very carefully as I can see the value of SEO and the Facebook adverts, etc. Word of mouth and passing on posts via my facebook and twitter feeds have been very useful. My linkedin pages also generate interest. I have an “Apps for Special Education,” group there which has 4,254 members. Do take a look over there.

If you have suggesting for making this blog site more widely available I’d be happy to listen and respond to your request! Always open to  new ideas!

One thought on “Reaching 12,000 hits & 850 people have subscribed!

  1. Congratulations and thank you for all your good efforts and support given to help so many with reading, learning and living challenges. Your resources are excellent. Continued success with this great blog!

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