Organising with a Google Account

A google account is free and allows you to setup a browser and apps consistently across multiple devices. I sign into my google account through or and this sets Chrome up to look the way I want it across my devices. iChrome is an extension to Chrome that allows widgies to display – I use Google Keep to display information to help my organisation and to do for current tasks I am working in, Being visual iChrome is suitable for dyslexic learners who are visual learners or dyspraxic users who struggle with finding things due to poor organisational skills. New widgets can be found on the Chrome Store and these can be added into your iChorme page.

Google+ has had a re-vamped . I use this to create custom pages to suit different target groups. It’s like a running history of things I find useful. The interface allows me to add text, photos, links , video ( either my own or Youtube) an event I  want to publicise and a poll to discover what people think.

Now the real beauty of all this is that I have access to this on ALL my different laptops, desktops, ipads, iphone, android and chromebook devices. That means all the above available to me via the internet at all times in all places on all machines. Now that’s making use of the cloud isn’t it?

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