Widgit Summer Sale

I had this message from Amy Follows regarding a summer sale Widgit are doing. So if you want some excellent inclusions and special needs software read on:-

Just wanted to send a little email to tell you about the summer sale Widgit are having for the next two weeks. We are offering 25% discount off our software titles. 25% off single user licences and above for parents/individuals and 25% off 5 user licences and above for schools/organisations (all orders need to be placed via the phone to receive the discount).

We would really appreciate it if you could ‘spread the word’ about this sale. We are trying to do as much marketing as possible and your support would really help us get the ‘word’ out there.
More information about the sale can be found here:
Thank you for your continued support. Please remember that Widgit are always here to support you in your quests too.
Kind regards,
Amy Follows
Education Manager
Widgit Software
Telephone: 01926 333680
Direct Dial: 01926 333689 “

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