Sharepoint Site for AccessAbility Solutions

Where this blog reflects a quick and changing stream of SEN&D ICT information. The sharepoint site contains information that is more static and considered. Here you can get informations about AccessAbility Solutions and the work we do and engaged in. is the first site I refer too in public. This site is going to always be there and is gong to contain more expansive information about work and projects we are involved in such as the up and coming Mobile technology project. This link with Bath Spa University aims to provide more empirical evidence of the use of mobiles in school. Working with BATA in the Assistive Technology area AAS is helping with the creation of an Assistive Technolgy qualification. Something that would provide a Kite Badge for professionals who have developed expertise in this area. These two research and qualification areas need a more detailed platform to share what we are doing. As always this information will keep being freely given to you our readers as a I way of giving back to the special needs community.

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