Special iApps

Parents started this company  for both Apple and Android . it’s rare to find apps that cover both operating systems for special needs. Looking at the way the apps are designed they would suit a 1:1 interaction with a teacher or language therapist. One of the problems of many apps is that they cover too many concepts at once making it difficult for those with learning difficulties to pick up the information. in Special iApps they have kept the concept to one eg shapes are shapes and not colour and shapes. This is a real plus for those teaching a particular concept to a child with special needs. It could be used to teach or revision. What seems key to me is that it would be beneficial for the App to be incorporated into a teaching and learning context  where the app is use to gain a response spoken or signed by the pupils.

Concepts dealt with are



Shape and Colour

and Emotions which may be useful for ASD as well.

Go over and look at what they have to offer at:-


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