Strikingly – your one page website!

AAS on

The above website I have just created using a simple web builder called . This is one I hadn’t heard of until today. I must say I find it easier to navigate that wordpress and as a current look which I have been wanting for a while. A scrolling down screen. Not too much information visible. And best of all a simple web address which is:- 


If you are thinking of re-designing your website this is certainly one to consider for a simple look with just a few social media links and content. It is one I shall use effectively. Time to build and check the links – 1 hr – simples!

Also you can edit in iOS which something I can do in WordPress awkwardly ! But can’t when using my other favourite web building site Wix has more bells and whistles but I am liking what I am seeing here! Keeping it simple is good for business I think. What do you think folks?