Lacock VR – Matt Collishaw “Thresholds”

Until the 29th October the National Trust have an event that may interest people in the Wiltshire area . To see details go to :-


Matt Collishaw Thresholds


It will cost £4.00 per person to visit it.




Day off!

“Can’t remember the last time I actually took a day off? “

Is this you?

Certainly me!

When you are busy doing what you love most it is easy to get totally obsessed by it. Since working for myself which is now kn its 6th year before my retirement I have not got rich but enjoy every minute of it – well almost -except when doing the paperwork for the accountant! He tells them without exception I make a loss due to hidden costs such as property, energy and too many purchases made. I am controlled in spending but even so there has been the occassional hickup like booking a conference and then not being able to cancel in time to get a refund.

So I am doing what I want to do today! And as you can see I am writing to you – whoever and wherever you are. I am just reading a downloaded book on “How to build a career in tech.” By the Product Hunt team. I can recommend it so far as its full of good advice by people who have been there and done it. Go to“How to build a career in tech?”. You will not be disappointed.

My bit of advice. Money isn’t the be and end all of a job – feeling useful and relevant is a factor. As is enjoyment of doing lots of different things. I am involved in a wide range of products so when someone asks me “ what do you do” it takes 10 minutes to tell them. OK if you were to judge the success of AccessAbility Solutions it would not be great. But it all depends on the measure we use. Which is currently a big debate in our education system particular with OFSTED who say that schools are not teaching a broad enough curriculum and being obsessed with exams. Something many of us have been saying for years!

Well that’s my two penneth!

Despite my relaxing hotel environment being punctuated with a continuous stream of hammer bangs due to refurbishment.

AT-BASICS with Alex Barker (AbilityNet) and yours truly!

The other week I collaborated with Alex Barker, AbilityNet’s Advice and Information Officer  on a webinair about Adaptive Technologies. Here is the video which lasts just under and hour.  Enjoy. Sadly, my inflight video didn’t come out but you haven’t missed too much as Alex’s describes the device well. Enjoy

SENSwitcher is back


Yes indeed. This is now available to run online. This seminal piece of software has been a mainstay of menu an special school ICT assessment tool. So it is great to see it back in it’s original form. It does not date. Well done, Ian Bean for making ti available again. I always found the download version tricky to do. But this method as long as you have internet access is great. And it works on all platforms including Chrome.

senswitcher menu

It’s simple interface makes it very easy for non-technical staff to use and you just switched on and off the activities listed by clicking on them. The “M” key takes you back to the list of activities within the level  and ALT & F4  ( ALTS & FN &F4 on some devices like a surface) takes you back to the list of levels. It works with the Switch Progression Roadmap which gives you a complete assessment and curriculum for developing switch use. And the beauty is that this software is age-appropriate. It was ahead of its time when released two decades ago. So if you have not heard of seen it give it a try at:-

Notes just got better in iOS11

One of the major changes in iOS11 is the addition of being able to scan documents into Notes. You could have used the camera to take photos but scanning is more accurate and contains more details . I discovered this by accident and only learnt about it when opening up Notes after the update.

What other gems have people found in iOS 11? Now there is a fix update 11.1 this morning. I had experienced some anomalies like screen freezes . And a few apps won’t work in iOS 11 which was a little frustrating when I was demonstrating yesterday