Chromebooks are 10 yrs old today!

Yes, it’s now 10 years since the first chromebooks appeared in the shops . Now with Covid-19 and the need for more digital inclusion the Chromebook is seriously being considered as a viable tool. I have been advocating the use of Chromebook for years. Yes, they are cheap and yes they need wifi but are so so eays to use and setup and the loadtime from startup can be very fast compared to some pc’s.

Let’s hear it for the Chromebook – “Happy 10th Birthday !”

Interface – a different way to make music!

Went to an interesting accessible workshop this evening where they featured this website to play with

Give the interFACE to your friends and family

By clicking the buttons below you can easily share the InterFACE with your friends and family

Online Conferencing by AccessAbility Solutions

Putting on a large event online is quite a daunting task. Since Covid-19 I have been doing a lot of them and have picked up some valuable hints and tips on doing them. So much so that I would like to offer it to anyone out there who wants to put on an event. I can do the following for you:-

  • Setup an Eventbrite meeting with online Zoom plugin
  • Use of a Zoom Pro account with Otter.AI live transcription
  • Plan and advise on content and organisation of Breakout Rooms
  • Run and tech support the event giving peace of mind to you the organiser
  • Manage any access and running difficulties on the day.
  • Provide advice on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posting for your event.

No event too small or too big. I can manage up to 500 attendees with my extended Pro account. I work in a professional and friendly manner. And my rates are reasonable based on an hourly rate. You only pay for the work I do for you.

To find out more and get a quote. Book an appointment with me through :-

SEN Magazine

I was asked to contribute to this month’s edition of SEN Magazine. Please go over to Here is a direct link to the article. Buy a subscription. It’s worth the money. There is a section on Assistive Technology with articles by Mark McCuster ( Texthelp) , Paul Doyle & Antony Ruck. Great source of information about Assistive Technology.