Speech Recognition on Chromebooks

Came across this useful bit of information on text to speech input into Chromebooks, You can also use Voice Typing in Google docs as well. But what applications are there out there that controls the Chromebook? Let you know if I find some.


Future Decoded conference


This event occurred last week and there were at least three speakers I know – Hector Minto and Arran Smith (Microsoft) and Neil Millican ( Atos).  Addressing the accessibility in Mainstream software they were looking at how assistive technology enable people to be employed and up front in all kings of organisations. Now I wasn’t there so why not take a look at this link for the whole event:-


Chromebooks have screen readers built into their browser

ChromeVox is the built-in screen reader that comes as accessibility tool as part of Chrome OS. It is quite useful and with it’s range of shortcuts powerful for those who are visually impaired on blind. I was testing a website on my chromebook and found that it was there!

If you have a Chromebook and want to try it out. Press CTRL+ALT+Z to enable it and to unenable it repeat the CTRL+ALT+Z.  Use TAB to step through the options , speech guides you through. Search + space acts like enter and the cursor keys navigate in detail around a menu. Here is the help section link

Rise on Tribunerals

term-insurance-required-for-parentsAn article by Mary Boulsted states that parent disputes with councils have doubled in the last two years and 89% of cases are found in favour of the parent.

This is something I predicted would happen in 2013 if the system was failing special needs because the specialists are not there .

I believe it’s a better thing to have a responsive system that admits it can’t find the funds but let’s find a way to help. A can-do attitude goes a long way in my opinion. Then we can direct much needed funds in a more constructive way.

Mary’s Article

Google Maps gives accessibility information about locations

In 2017 Google launched an initiative to get accessibility information from locations. Using other companies they now have a substantial amount of information for disabled users to have about locations and their access on Google Maps. For more information go to:-

Accessibility Information on Google Maps

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