Online Conferencing by AccessAbility Solutions

Putting on a large event online is quite a daunting task. Since Covid-19 I have been doing a lot of them and have picked up some valuable hints and tips on doing them. So much so that I would like to offer it to anyone out there who wants to put on an event. I can do the following for you:-

  • Setup an Eventbrite meeting with online Zoom plugin
  • Use of a Zoom Pro account with Otter.AI live transcription
  • Plan and advise on content and organisation of Breakout Rooms
  • Run and tech support the event giving peace of mind to you the organiser
  • Manage any access and running difficulties on the day.
  • Provide advice on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posting for your event.

No event too small or too big. I can manage up to 500 attendees with my extended Pro account. I work in a professional and friendly manner. And my rates are reasonable based on an hourly rate. You only pay for the work I do for you.

To find out more and get a quote. Book an appointment with me through :-

SEN Magazine

I was asked to contribute to this month’s edition of SEN Magazine. Please go over to Here is a direct link to the article. Buy a subscription. It’s worth the money. There is a section on Assistive Technology with articles by Mark McCuster ( Texthelp) , Paul Doyle & Antony Ruck. Great source of information about Assistive Technology.

Flamingo chicks

This is a highly innovative and imaginative website. Combining PE with different subjects under the guise of being a flamingo chicks. The graphics are superb and it involves eye-catching movement and interaction. Design for children with disabilities and using motivating themes this is a great workout for lockdown

Have you clicked “Media” on this page?

Ever since Covid-19 began I have been doing a series of different media types. Go to and check out the following:-

Techsavvy – weekly hints and tips for people who want to understand their technology better every Friday on my facebook page at 11:00am

The AT Show – weekly show on a Monday at around 2:30pm on Assistive Technology and news in this domain

The Smyles Podcast – weekly audio show on Assistive Technology.

All this shows are on my Youtube channel subscribe now at

Nearly famous now!

Cliff Richard

That was the remark made by Cliff Richard, pop singer, after decades of being in the charts! But it applies to me today as I had a message from a friend to say that he was marking one of his students paper and he saw that the student had quoted me! I hope he gave the student a good mark!

A2i Dyslexia on Youtube – Interview and Demo with Myles Pilling

My thanks to Elisabeth Takyi and the A2i for doing a splended job in posting out this interview. I had a great time on the show and always happy to talk about Assistive Technology. For more videos about Dyslexia from A2i Dyslexia please go to