Windows 10 installs

During the past few days and over the past years I have had to install Windows 10 on laptops that either needed repairing or upgraded. Neither process is swift but please ensure you make a backup USB or DVD of your system. This could save hours in re-installation.

Windows 10 has a MediaCreationTool.exe program that enables you to install Windows 10 on your machine. But be warned – it does take a long time! So always plan to have lots to do while the install takes place.

In every case the install always gives unexpected results. Today the system I upgraded from Windows 7 had not pins and the start button didn’t work. Right mouse click over the Start menu icon ( bottom left) worked and so was able to run some system software but couldn’t understand why this didn’t work. The solution I came to was to re-install again in the hope the problem resolves itself!

For long periods the install doesn’t seem to be doing anything- stuck on a percentage – but its wise to leave it running. It will eventually come good despite the long wait.

Antivirus software. Well Windows 10 does appear to be pretty good but I wonder why my trusty laptop failed spectacularly. Not sure if that was due to having only Windows Defender on ( that’s Windows 10 antivirus software). On the safe side I am running a different antivirus software – McAfee which I think slows my machine down- especially when it updates. I did notice a massive improvement on speed when NOT using McAfee but that could be due to the age of the machine.

I have to say it’s brought a new lease of life into my 6 year old laptop to have it re-install Windows 10. That has save me a few quid! And now with the aide of a lot of cloud apps I can keep on using this machine for assessment, demonstration and training.

Drivers that are needed on your laptop can be a pain as well. Even though Windows 10 is pretty good at locating them it can still throw something of a wobbly. On my laptop the intell graphics driver ghosted my laptop producing a myopic display. Once the Intel Graphics card was disabled everything was back to normal.

As I have written this article the desktop I am currently upgraded to Windows 10 is still on 80% install. That is maybe 20min- 30mins it’s taken…. oh, well time for lunch!

The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability

The guide is called “The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability” and offers plenty of valuable information such as:

Understanding the struggle disabled travellers face when they try to fly. Figures show 57% of these travellers said they had difficulty when accessing an airport or flying. 33% of people also said they were unhappy with the service provided for them at the airport.
The barriers disabled travellers face when they fly. Did you know that 26 wheelchairs are damaged across the world on a daily basis? and some of these can cost tens of thousands to replace!
Practical advice on the best places to visit as a disabled holidaymaker, how to book up a hotel room which is right for you and how to get special assistant on your flight if you need it. The resource also covers medical information which you might find useful.
Other helpful tips and resources that can make planning and taking a trip abroad safe and easy for those with disabilities.
Feel free to check-out the guide below:

“The Full Guide to Flying with a Disability”

Post -it’s

We have all used them and attached them to our fridge or computer. But now Post-it is an app. A very useful one has your post-it’s can be group. Great too for to-do- lists .

Now it’s gone digital you can dynamically make them, change them and swop them around .

You can then have a variety of ways to output them as a pdf or a jpeg so that you store them or print out to work through. This would also be a way of brainstorming some ideas and moving them around or linking to groups and ideas. It’s very simple and very powerful. Especially for organization and forming ideas into groups .

I like the option to Trello as I use that for projects .