AI more intelligent than humans!?

Maybe one day they will! The present situation as pertains to my experience is that we have a long way to go before that statement is true. This comes after a recent news item saying one of the experts of AI left Google last week because of fears over AI taking over our lives. Sounds like I,Robot and Asimov’s Laws of Robotics coming true!

Chat GPT and GPT-4 is what this is about and having tried them it is impressive but in Chat -GPT’s case only information up to 2021 is available. GPT-4 is Chat GPT PLus on a monthly subscription of $20. It boasts faster times and availability and access to new features which are not stated.

Bing Chat GPT is interesting and I like the fact it gives the references where the information is being drawn from. Pupils and students are using these tools for their work so educational establishments will have to come to terms with this pretty quick and work out some ground rules. May I suggest the following guidelines:-

  • Those using AI have to declare it at the outset
  • Is this original work or work produced by someone else? This is an important point and one to debate – you could say it’s the result of any search on Google – just smarter. If so…
  • Should pupils be marked on the questions they used to get that information? The quality of the information is dependent on the questions posed.
  • All work should be edited and checked for accuracy
  • Should certain topics be excluded or banned from using AI to test the thinking and understanding needed behind the topic. In other words, teachers decide what the learning is and ringfence it against AI
  • Conversely, some topics could also be encouraged to use AI examples would be current affairs, presentation of facts and research topics

These are just some thoughts about what is an exciting but challenging development in education in the 21st Century. Rather than loosing it let’s use it. Maybe, begin a debate on the subject and work out some strategies to benefit pupils. For instance, for those with neurodiversity needs it could help produce work that is better phrased and helpful to them to take out the mechanics of grammar and to produce better work. In any case there needs to be a debate on the subject.

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