Microsoft booking

Recently on looking at the additional apps that you can access on your Office 365 account. Would you like a virtual type of online assistant? Well the next best thing is a booking system integrated with calendar and email. You can add your teams appointment and add more information under your appointment. So it adds a few more tools to your toolbox that may be of use to you.

To read more and see for yourself what this tool is:-

The setting up is complex if doesn’t go right. I had no trouble setting up on a couple of my email accounts for different companies and organisations. But I had to work hard and kept getting an error message. But eventually I got a booking page and appears to be working. Here is a screenshot of what you would see:-

A screenshot of my companies calendar

The appointment goes straight to the calendar and you get an email notification. It will automatically offer you a Teams meeting option on your appointment. You can delete any appointment and the attendee will get a confirmation and a chance to change the appointment.

A screenshot of the confirmation email you receive

I have entered in my business details and added two types of appointment – initial consultation (15 mins) or Appointment (1hr) £75.00 for in-depth work and problem solving remotely. I will add more types as go along. Is it as useful as calendly? Well , I will report back on that.

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