A Free Dyslexia Screening tool for schools

Thanks to jack Churchill(Scanning Pens) for sharing this.

  “A new, unique online literacy assessor has been launched that claims to be able to highlight dyslexic-type literacy difficulties in children – and it’s now available for all schools in the UK to make use of, absolutely free!

The IDL Literacy Screener is a piece of software designed and created by International Dyslexia Learning Solutions Limited that has launched this week. It takes the form of a simple online test that can be taken in around half an hour for most learners. It’s easy to administer, and it only requires one teacher, support educator or SENCO to invigilate it, and because of its computer-based, quiz-style design, it’s a great way of getting younger learners to engage with it organically.”

For more details go to :-

Literacy Screener | Effective Online Screening Tool | IDL | IDL (idlsgroup.com)

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