Crick Software show their next product – Clicker 7

Yes, the secrecy and the wait is drawing to a close now. Clicker 7 will be launched  in January 2016 and presumably to coincide with BETT 2016. This product has been a stalwart software for access to ALL kinds of users not just special needs for as long as I have been working in special need.

So what can you expect. I haven’t taken any images because it may change its appearance as it goes through final beta stages. It’s a feature packed edition of Clicker. Improvements and enhancements to make its use even more attractive to users.

It looks and feels similar to Clicker 6 with the following changes which I think have made the product even better!

User  logon – is now more visible at the front of the screen

Password protection – new feature if you are concerned your clients or pupils get into the settings and change them

The main headlines are  as follows , but there is much more to say that this short blog cannot adequatelty cover! Clicker 7 is pack full of features and useful tweaks that just makes it the best Clicker ever!

Eye-Gaze will be included within Clicker 7 sets but not on the writing pages! This could be used with a wide range of other dwell specific devices like Leap Motion and AirMouse . The usual access tools are there. Switches, mouse/touch. This is a product designed with tablets in mind.

Voice Notes are a new addition allowing audio notes to be made within a writing document. Great feature with colour coding to make access easier to see for the user. Up to 5 notes can be taken in a single document.

Clicker Boards – is a mind mapping tool that can instantly create a wordbank. I can see this being of great use to busy teachers who can use this one tool and send out the topic banks to their students at the same time. Great for supporting teaching and learning which is a big gap in the use of ICT useage. A key bonus is being able  to drag and drop words created in the mind map. Drag and drop also works across Clicker 7, notably in Paint.

SuperKeys – is part of the Clicker 7 package so really useful for integration of access tools.

Dyslexic a font has been included to provide support for dyslexic users

Edit mode – more improvements . Now when using a modelled sentence you can edit on the hoof and see the changes sent to the set immediately. Previously, if you wanted to make changes you would have to start again.

Files – are colour coded to make it easier to identify within the Clicker family. There is also a small preview thumbnail to help also with identification. Maybe people would better be able to see what they saved their work as!

Wizards are kept and improved also. You can have instant access to changes and the package supports you by doing all the hard work in keeping the grids consistent and equally spaced. But you are not limited if you want to change all the features you still can .

Word pool – is also a new edition and deals with specific vocabulary that users may wish to have. Dealing pronunication and adding changes to the spell checker .

Costs? Well this has not been annouced other than this big change which la site icenswe will cost £2,200 but will give access to teachers, support assistants AND pupils at home! That’s a great new edition. I expect we will be more information at BETT 2016. I suggest contacting Crick at the launch to see what they can offer your setting.

Overall, a great new edition to the Clicker story. Well done to John & Anne Crick  and the team at Crick Software!!


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