Is your machine going to be compatible for Windows 11?

Windows 11 is on the horizon and in order to run this new operating system it needs something called TPM – Trusted Platform Module. This is causing some debate in technical circles. It’s a chip on your motherboard but if Windows 11 doesn’t find it compatible it won’t run. Microsoft have taken off their website the PC Health Check app with no explanation as far as I can see. I did find a version and ran it on an old Surface 3 device and then my 2 yr old laptop. Both failed compatibility! It may be because the app is giving false information or it’s Microsoft trying to convince us to buy compatible machines.

One thing we do know about the new operating system is that it will run Android apps. How well and how effectively we wait to see. A new start menu, and the use of Widgets feature . As far as accessbility features we wait to see. You can sign up for news of when this new operating system is released that is scheduled for the autumn but that could change based on previous release dates changing.

For more details go to:-

My Colleague suggested using this little app to see how your computer fares in the compatibility stakes:-

scroll down the page and “Download latest stable release”. 

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