“Assistive Technology for ALL using ambitious teaching”

This week is running this free online conference on Wednesday 18th November still time to book your place


What do we mean by ambitious teaching? It’s having higher expectations of what pupils can achieve and the means by which it can be done. Much can be learned from the field of special educational needs on increasing individual pupil potential and achievement. Get it right for your pupils with additional needs and you get it right for everyone. Hence why we called this conference “Assistive Techniology for All using ambitious teaching.”

Never has there been a better or more important time to learn about how Assistive Technology can enable all pupils achieve more and gain control over learning using 21st Century means. To harness the new technologies to be efficient and effective in all school phases will be the challenge of our times.

This day conference is for all who have an active participation in education in primary, secondary, HE and FE, Universities and Colleges. It’s scope is wide and we would like anyone to attend for free and discover how to take the opportunity afforded us by the sad reality of Covid-19 and to make the best of a bad situation.

Schools and educational institutions have had to step up to the mark and accelerate their use of technology. How many settings had heard of Zoom before Covid-19 let alone use it? Government via the DFE Edtech Strategy group have send more emphasis should be placed on suppliers making their products more accessible.

The conference will spam from 10:00-3:00pm with regular short breaks in-between each session for comfort. It will be interlaced with inspirational thought leaders in the field of special needs and assistive technologies with workshops led by product suppliers to show how best their product can support and lead ambitious teaching

Once registered we will send you a link for the conference with a programme nearer the time. Our programme is developing fast we have notable people already signed up to attend such as Aaron Smith ( Microsoft) and Carol Allen (Inclusi) . So it’s going to be finalised by the 18th November. Put it in your diary and either spend the whole day with us or drop in and out. Sessions will be recorded so that you can replay them later and you will never miss a session. 

Instigated by the British Assistive Technology Association’s Educationalist Special Interest Group and in co-operation with The Dyslexia Institute there is certain to be a lot of interest and support to this online conference. Book now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/assistive-technology-for-all-using-ambitious-teaching-tickets-126935211635

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