Grammarly is a useful assistive technology app for supporting students and pupils. It helps by suggesting better grammar, checking additional spaces between words, correct spellings, and the bit I love being able to suggest links for adding to your blogs and documents. I find it good that you can be looking for a particular app or hardware and Grammarly will find that item. It sits on the sidelines waiting to be used.

It’s also a good learning tool. I did struggle with plurals on nouns eg batas online groups. It can also score how well you are writing. It works on a principle I love which is you learn by what you write and this supportive software not only helps, advise it teaches as well!

One thought on “Grammarly

  1. Thanks for another great resource here, Myles! Grammarly is probably one of the best, if not THE best grammar and mechanics tools available today. There is both a FREE and PREMIUM version available. For more info on this helpful tool, please consider a visit to my blog article on the topic:

    Happy Reading AND Writing, everyone!
    Joan Brennan, educator/reading specialist


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