Legacy Hardware- Alphasmart DANA

Alphasmart DANA – an portable writing tool from the 1990s

Typing and writing on an Alphasmart Dana :-

” So I discovered this in my storage that I had an old Dana which I used in the old days for meetings. The battery has gone. So if I were to resurrect it it would not work. So what use would it be now. This device must be 16 years old +. I love the keyboard so easy to type with. Well spaced and resposive keys. I do make fewer mistakes..

Using a USB cable they are good for support assistants and for colloabrative work. The support aassistants can make notes for the students or communicate to a deaf student discretely as it just types. The pupil can use it to write with another student in real-time . They can do joint projects with it and write directly to the screen,

Finally, I can try using the send button to send to a PC/Chromebook/ Android device. I think that will work. If it transfers into this article it will work. It did!”

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