Remote Learning

As teachers are looking for ways to teach remotely then you may want to consider the following tools and methods. I have used Prezi in a branching tree way to give choice to pupils of the activity and direction of the lesson. If you like to use your browser as a source of content then consider using Nearpod – interactivity over the internet by tapping in the room code. There is load of prepared content for primary and secondary phases. You can also create quizzes, polls, interactive questions, media, etc. Padlet is like a pinboard that every pupil can contribute to and share thoughts together, great for discussing ideas. IXL provide Maths, Science, English structured to Yr groups and covers a range of activities and skills. Its time limited on the free option but it is easy to re-engage again. All the above I have used for free. Trials are available as well.

Video conferencing with Zoom for the paid version incorporates whiteboard, breakout rooms and mobile screensharing now which is useful for demonstrating apps. BigBlueButton has a lot of those features i.e whiteboard ( except the mobile sharing!) and incorporates polling as well as recording the conversation and activity of the session. There is a lot going for BigBlueButtton for teachers for who it was designed for.

I know one of the problems parents expressed is the need for off-computer work . Seesaw fufills that request by having activities and step-be-step instructions of what to do off the computer. I know it is used by teachers for that reason. If you are into games then Kahoot provides educational activities that gives motivational content. Other tools to consider would be the London Grids for Learning where there is a wealth of activities aneged resources as well as the old but still useful Myths and Legends from the SWGFL .

I hope that gives a brief overview of what we are learning about this new way for us to work.

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