"Smart Revolution" – Webinar- 26th March 3:45pm

BATA are putting on another webinar you are able to join that will inform and excite participants into the possibilities these technologies will bring. Paul Doyle will be taking the webinar. Formerly of Hereward College he has vast experience of Assistive Technology in meeting individual needs in all types of contexts. He now is an expert witness for Bush & Co.

More and more we are seeing the powerful impact of such things as smart speakers that can make a phone call for a person with macular degeneration. It can engage young people to explore different collaborative ways of learning.

They can enable a blind person to read, have mobility with smart cars and also overcome physical disabilities with different artificial intelligence tools such as Robots that go to work on behalf of the disabled. . We are on the threshold of nothing short of a revolution for the disabled.

Book your place now at:-

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