Speech on the iPad

One of my clients had a change on her iPad that meant the good , well inflectional voice had gone and was replaced by a robotic monotone voice.

For fluent readers having a voice that gives meaning to the text by the rise and fall of the sentence as well as the pace and pause at commas aide reading.

So what had happened?

Speech and voices used to be visible on the accessible menu now it’s under a new item “Spoken text”

So that means you have a voice for Siri, a voice for spoken text and a voice for VoiceOver for the blind. Why not have one menu for speech that works for all uses? Come on Apple make this an addition .

As it is squirrelled away two or three menus down it is hard to find so here is the guide that I found after 30 minutes of searching


And I have written this on my phone using the WordPress app. So easy and functional for writing on the hoof or when watching football on TV!

Have a great AT day!

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