What is SOLID? It’s the brainchild of Sir Tim Berners-Lee who wants a new kind of web where ideas can be shared freely with no restrictions or rules as such. This is a risk. But when listening to him on Monday evening at the lecture at the Business Design Centre it was clear that Sir Tim thinks we need a mid-course correction for the worldwide web he invented. Hence this idea – SOLID.

So how can I describe SOLID? It feels like a wiki and yet it’s a personal cloud storage area. There are contacts lists, folders, files, documents. A place to store things. A place to share things. Public and private. It feels very, very basic and geeky with areas where code is listed for your site – presumably to share with others what you have built.

And that’s the key! It’s true free content with no control and stripped to its essential component. I still trying to get my head around it so to begin with I using it for a project to do with training in Assistive Technology. Keep everyone posted.

If you want to follow what I am doing then go to:-

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