Teacher Tapp

This is an app that I came across from the Teacher’s Development Trust. The app itself asks teacher’s 3 questions each day. The results are shared in the form of an article the next day. You can download the app for free and if you are a teacher you can join in.

Who can input questions? I found this on the website:

Who Can Ask Questions in the Teacher Tapp Survey?

We have some ground rules, but most businesses, organisations, researchers or policymakers will be eligible to submit a question. Gain fast insight into the products and services that teachers want and need, boost your advocacy position or scope a new research project. The Teacher Tapp app gives valuable insights to your questions within hours. Find out more about how to submit a question here.

Teacher Tapp is available in app stores in the UK (and a small group of northern European countries).

And this I found when I searched how to submit a question:-


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